'The Tomorrow People' Series Premiere: 6 Things to Know

Even if you watched The CW's latest offering, The Tomorrow People, it would be easy to walk away feeling lost. The pilot was info-loaded, trying desperately to get the audience up to speed on the mythology of the show and its world in just one hour, presumably to hit the ground running in episode two. Ready for your post-show primer? Here are six things to know about The Tomorrow People's premiere:

1. They didn't choose the name.

Cara, the leader of the Tomorrow People, serves as our hero's (Stephen Jameson, played by generic heartthrob Robbie Amell, who came up through the Disney machine) welcoming committee to the world of the weird. When explaining that the gifted people of the show's world are known as Tomorrow People, she apologizes, insisting that they didn't pick the name. This is also a nod to the show's roots; it's a remake of a British sci-fi series from the '70s, but don't expect the shows to be identical. The reboot is already tongue-in-cheek about its origins and serious about its sci-fi.

2. It's run by CW vets.

Greg Berlanti and Julie Plec serve as producers on the show, and that's good news for current CW fans. Berlanti is part of the creative force behind last season's hit, Arrow, and Plec is responsible for the network's long-standing hit, The Vampire Diaries, meaning that if you already like what The CW does, odds in favor of you at least not hating The Tomorrow People.

3. They're kind of like X-Men, but with the same powers across the board (um, mostly).

The Tomorrow People aren't trying to be special — they're just born that way. Thanks to the power of evolution, the Tomorrow People have emerged as the first glimpse of the future of mankind, which is a world of superheroes. While the X-Men all had unique mutations, the Tomorrow People are far more consistent, following the three T's when it comes to their powers: Telekinesis, Teleportation and Telepathy.

4. Stephen is special.

You can't have a lead character who is just one among many, right? This brings me to No. 3's "um, mostly." In addition to the three T's, our protagonist is imbued with a special extra power: Time-stopping. Naturally, this has put him at the top of lists on both sides of the war that's brewing in the world of the show. The Tomorrow People want him on their side and Ultra, the group looking to stop/control them.

5. Family plays an important role.

Not only was Stephen's dad a super important Tomorrow Person, his uncle, Jedikiah (yeah, really) works for an organization hell-bent on controlling them. Although Stephen's dad is long-missing (and thought to be schizophrenic), I'm sure he'll come into play as the season progresses.

6. The show might just surprise us.

Even though the Tomorrow People get to Stephen first and are easily the cooler choice (they have teleportation battles on subways and a whole underground HQ), he ends the episode at Ultra, apparently working for his uncle. Although it's unclear if he's two-timing them for the Tomorrow People (Cara is still in his head), it's definitely not where you'd expect the teenage boy to flock, given the two choices. Here's hoping that the show continues surprising us... and simplifies its storytelling a bit.

Did you watch The Tomorrow People? What did you think?