Mario Paid Mistress to Have an Abortion?

Oh lord, if this is true, it's horrible... but on the other hand, if it's not true, it's almost worse, because wow, people must really hate you if they're spreading rumors like this. Here's what happened. Page Six is reporting that Real Housewives of New York City cast member Ramona Singer's husband Mario is cheating on her, which sure, isn't all that salacious considering how desensitized we all are to infidelity, but the details of the affair are brutal. Allegedly, Mario's been sleeping with a 20-year-old socialite and even got her pregnant, then paid for the abortion.


According to the source, Mario and the young woman met in the Hamptons and have stayed at the Singers' multi-million dollar beach mansion together when Ramona's out of town. The couple even meets up in the city on occasion, too, and it was supposedly back in August when Mario handed out dolla dolla bills to make sure their "little problem" disappear.

Super classy.

For her part, Ramona denies the affair and told HollywoodLife that the rumors simply aren't true, but we've all seen Mario flirt and act like a smug asshole on the RHONYC, so yeah, I'll say it: confirmation of an affair wouldn't come as shocking news. The couple apparently plans on putting on a brave face, but when Ramona gets that Pino in her, who knows what will come out.

If Ramona decides to divorce Mario, she won't be the only newly single woman on the show — cast member LuAnn De Lesseps and her french boyfriend broke up earlier this summer. When the Bravo series returns, if it ever does, will we see Ramona and LuAnn hit the town? I don't know whether to hope for that or not. Turtle time, anyone?