Desperately Missing 'Frozen'? This'll Help

If you're on the east coast, the last thing you want is to see more snow headed your way. Of course, that does not apply to animated snowstorms — fans are freaking out about the possibility of a sequel to Frozen and while the film has yet to be confirmed, the crazy commercial success of the original all but guarantees that it's going to happen. In fact, the voice behind Frozen's Snow Queen Elsa, Idina Menzel, recently hinted to UK's Telegraph that Frozen 2 might be happening in the relatively near future, and Anna herself, Kristen Bell, has mentioned it as well — so lace up your snow boots and get ready to build a snowman.

But while we know that the sequel to Frozen will happen one day, we still have to live with the ultimate struggle of asking ourselves WHEN. We know that the film isn't yet in production — or at the very least is in very, very early stages — and feature-length animated films aren't exactly the easiest or quickest things in the world to make. Sadly, that means a lot of time until Frozen 2 — and we might just have to let it go and wait it out. That's not to say that we have to sit around and twiddle our thumbs while we wait — there are plenty of fun, Frozen-tastic things to do in the meantime. Here's how you can bide your time between Frozen films.

Build a snowman.

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

If you're on the east coast, you're already living in a frozen tundra. Grab a hat and all-important waterproof gloves and use the cold to your advantage by making a gigantic snowman that will make all of your neighbors insanely jealous.

Practice your Elsa eyes.

This makeup tutorial will help you use pink eyeshadow to get that princess look without making it seem like you just contracted conjunctivitis.

.... or just make this snowman cupcakes instead.

There are plenty of Olaf cupcakes online, but these from blog Coffee Cups and Crayons are particularly cute and doable for even the most unskilled baker.

Watch the live-action Frozen online.

It's from Funny or Die and features DUFF stars Bella Thorne and Mae Whitman as Elsa and Anna.

Finally master that braid.

Because of course you need to add this to your hairstyle repertoire.

Shop Etsy for cute Frozen gear.

This piece, from Etsy shop LoveFromTheOC, will set you back only $22. Bonus points if you buy one for your sister.

Play a Frozen drinking game.

Just because you're old enough to drink doesn't mean you're too old to get drunk to Frozen

Or play a workout game instead.

You're a better person than I am if you choose this one over the latter.

Images: Disney; Getty Images; Coffee Cups and Crayons; LoveFromTheOC/Etsy; ShowMeYourTities/Imgur; The Tipsyverse