9 Easy DIY Projects You Can Make Using Household Items You Already Own, So Don't Throw Them Out

It's easy to forget that some of the most common things we can find around our home are also some of the easiest things to reuse. There are so many cool household items we just throw away that can be repurposed and used to make some killer and super affordable DIY projects. I like to believe that almost everything can be used for something else, but there are definitely some common things you have lying around at home that can be used for a variety of projects — from decor, to organizing, to generally making your life easier. So check your trash, and remember to hang on to all these hidden DIY treasures.

Image: Creme de la Craft

by Emily Kelley


My boyfriend and I just got a Keurig machine for our apartment, and it’s heaven. And as much joy as the little K-Cups bring me every morning, the variety of DIY uses they have after they’ve been used brings me even more happiness. How clever are these little K-Cup seed starters?

Image and tutorial: Fresh Eggs Daily

Wine Corks

You’d be amazed at how many uses there are for wine corks — including this easy-to-make wine cork decor. And think of how fun it will be to collect all of them!

Image: Emily Kelley


You can also reuse wine, beer, spirits, and other bottles. There are dozens of DIY projects you can do with leftover bottles — from painting them, wrapping them in twine, or turning them into candle holders — so you’ll be glad you saved them.

Image and tutorial: Place of My Taste

Baking Sheets

Does your baking sheet look a little worse for wear? Maybe you just got a new one? Turn the old one into a decorative tray or magnetic board for makeup or note keeping.

Image and tutorial: Josie Jones


Be it a jug of bleach or a bleach pen, you can use this cleaning product to make cool DIY t-shirts, update old jeans, and even weather wood for that beachy, driftwood look.

Image: Emily Kelley

Egg Cartons

Egg cartons are another household item that can still serve a purpose even after their contents have been consumed. I’ve seen some amazing DIYs that involve making egg carton flowers, and they make perfect little seedling beds.

Image and tutorial: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

CDs And DVDs

When I was cleaning out my home office, I found a bunch of old CDs I definitely no longer needed (so many mix tapes from the early-2000s). I’ve seen quite a few ingenious projects on Pinterest, like turning your CDs into covered coasters, a decorative mirror frame, and easy holiday ornaments.

Image and tutorial: Me and My DIY

Ice Trays

If your ice trays are being neglected thanks to your refrigerator’s ice maker, repurpose them to make some fun crafts. You can make crayon blocks for the kiddos, or DIY bath fizzies — and if you have die cut trays, you could make some cool, custom soaps.

Image: Emily Kelley

Shoe Boxes

I usually leave my empty shoe boxes for my cats — but you could also turn them into a homemade projector, or use them as shelves.

Image and tutorial: Creme de la Craft