In Case You Forgot What Happened To Claire on HoC

As we wait patiently sit beside our instant streaming devices for the return of sparkling Netflix gem House of Cards, it's important to remember where we stand with Washington's most ruthless players, especially Claire's intense House of Cards Season 2 journey. This is a show about the soulless, the selfish, and the power-hungry individuals who are making powerful political decisions on behalf of America's citizens. And even though it's sometimes hard to find a good guy in the bunch, the thrilling plot twists just never stop coming. Exhibit A: Zoe Barnes + incriminating evidence + Frank Underwood = violent train track death.

Season 3 becomes available at midnight PST on Friday, February 27, which will undoubtedly have fans of the show calling in sick to work, stocking up on bags of popcorn, and settling in for a long weekend of House of Cards binge-watching. Moderation is not a concept understood by House of Cards die-hards. There are 13 episodes in Season 3, but it all hinges on the explosive Season 2 finale: Frank Underwood is the President of the United States. But what about Claire? I mean, obviously she's going to kill it as FLOTUS, but where, what, and how did we last see our favorite boss lady?

Well, Claire was last seen where we usually see her — at Frank's side looking emotionally chilly and disturbingly calm. But true HoC fans know not to underestimate the now First Lady. Despite Frank's impressive title and how he menacingly involves the audience in his evil plots, Claire is really the mastermind here. She was totally cool with his affair with Zoe because she knew it would lead to them having a leg up in the D.C. politics game. She has lied, manipulated, and threatened people in her path just so she and Frank could take their place as THE husband and wife leading the free world.

Season 2 also showed us that Claire does, in fact, have a beating heart somewhere in that stiff blackened shell of a soul. She shared her very personal experience as a victim of rape, which of course led to her manipulating another victim of rape (with the same rapist, who became a military leader), into exposing the man. But this story arc was used as a way to open a dialogue on the alarming number of sexual assaults in the military. It did personally benefit her to take this man down and affect change for the greater good. However, it destroyed the other victim, who was already very fragile, and that led to very real moments of emotion from Claire.

Now that the Underwoods have landed themselves in the Oval Office, what's left to conquer? I have a feeling Season 3 will be less about the messy climb to the top and more about clinging to high-level power. And because of that, Claire will hopefully get a lot of screen time, as Frank is basically powerless without the unwavering support and calculating mind of his beloved wife Claire. #OneNationUnderwood

Image: David Giesbrecht/Netflix; Giphy (2)