Mae & Robbie Are The Cutest BFFs

From her social media posts alone, I've always known Mae Whitman was one of those celebrities I want to be best friends with, and it seems like her The Duff co-star, Robbie Amell, definitely agrees. They've been spending a lot of time together lately, which kind of comes with the territory of promoting a movie around its release, and with all that togetherness comes a lot of Instagram pics. A lot of super adorable Instagram pics, which pretty much speak for themselves on the subject of their cute friendship. I love that they've become so close after working on The Duff together, especially after they initially bonded while testing out their chemistry for the movie. As Amell tells it:

I was intimidated. She’s done so much work with so many unbelievable people. I figured if I could make her laugh I’ve got a shot…I told her a really inappropriate, alternate joke and got her to crack up. From that point on we’ve just been really good friends.

And the rest was history. Of all the times Amell and Whitman have been cute on social media, these are some of my favorites.

When she thanked him for his abs

OK, I'm sorry, but is that not the cutest paragraph thanking someone for being your friend ever? I would also have to formally issue my gratitude if Amell let me anywhere close to his abs. None of my best friends are this good looking. Sorry, friends.

Involving the best Emoji ever

I don't care if she is supposed to be an "information desk girl," she will always be Sassy Girl to me — and she is the best possible punctuation for all things. Even crazy adorable friendships between co-stars, and especially when they both emulate her so well. The background really makes the photo, doesn't it?

Being adorable while promoting The Duff

And honestly, when two people can manage to take a photo together that's this cute, it would be a shame not to share it on Instagram. It's almost too bad that Amell is happily engaged to longtime girlfriend Italia Ricci, or I would definitely endorse these two as a couple.

Precious photos from filming

If you love the Amell/Whitman dynamic and haven't seen this movie, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. It's perfect in every way, and this still embodies everything wonderful about their relationship. And they lived happily ever after (as BFFs, duh).