'Jane the Virgin' Spoilers From Andrea Navedo — Here's When To Expect The Immaculate Child

It's official: Jane the Virgin has quickly become one of The CW's most beloved shows. Based on the Venezuelan televonvela Juana la Virgen, the show narrates the unlikely tale of one teenage virgin's unexpected pregnancy. Set in miami, Jane is a young Latina woman who, because of her religion and family tradition, has vowed to not have sex until she's married. This all goes to shit when a doctor artifically inseminates her during a checkup. Uh, what? "I would say she's lying to me," says Andrea Navedo, who plays Jane's mom on the show. If the situation happened in real life, Navedo wouldn't buy it. "I would say, 'You little! You're lying to me!' It's impossible."

As impossible as the circumstance might be, it never hindered the show from gaining a loyal following, and it's star — Gina Rodriguez —even earned a Golden Globe in the titular role. "I think it's very heartfelt, it's really dramatic, and really funny all at the same time," Navedo says. "It walks that tightrope of drama and comedy, and it's somehow believable in such unbelievable circumstances."

While Navedo is no stranger to dramatic television, having a resume filled with soap opera acting jobs, her fans are often surprised to find out her background is in comedy. "I've done a lot of drama, I'm a New York actor and there's a lot of dramatic television in New York, but I actually did sketch comedy for many years," she says. "A lot of people don't know that about me. So it's so great to do Jane the Virgin, where I get to do the drama that I love, and comedy at the same time. It's like a dream for actors!"

So what can fans expect from upcoming episodes? A baby, of course. "The biggest thing is that the baby arrives in Episode 22, so that's something to look forward to," she says. "I imagine there will be some unusual circumstances involved in the birth, so..."

Jane the Virgin comes back with new episodes Monday, March 9 on CW.

Image: CW