Taylor Swift & Kim Kardashian Teach Us The Dos & Don'ts Of Dancing During Kanye West's Brit Awards Performance — WATCH

I think we might have a new friendship on our hands. Despite Taylor Swift and Kanye West's past troubles (which they've recently moved on from), it looks like Swift is all about West and his wife, Kim Kardashian. At Wednesday's BRIT Awards, Swift and Kardashian danced together during West's performance. Before you ask, yes, it's everything we could've hoped for and more. It will change your life — for the better.

First, not only does Swift seem mesmerized by West's flame-filled number, but she is totally into it. Actually, she seems more into it than Kimmy. Second, I truly believe Kardashian and Swift are destined to be BFFs. I mean, just look at how they groove so well together. OK, maybe it's not as smooth as it should be, but when you put them side by side, it turns out to be one fantastic moment. Finally, thanks to Swift and Kardashian showcasing their dancing abilities, we now know the dos and don'ts of dancing.

Because I know you're so interested and I feel extremely gracious, let me break down the dos and don'ts of dancing via Swift and Kardashian. This way, next time you're jamming and letting loose listening to some Kanye West, you'll know the correct way to dance. Plus, this will save Yeezus time from correcting you himself.

First things first: check out T. Swift and Kimmy getting down.

Amazing, right? Now, moving on to the dos and don'ts.

The Dos:

-Do sweep your fingers through your hair.-Do whip your head back and forth.-Do smile and bob your head.-Do get so into your dancing that you forget there are people around you.

The Don'ts:

-Don't snap your fingers.-Don't sway from side to side.-Don't be super stiff.-Don't get out-shined by T. Swift.

There you have it. Now, go dance your heart out!

Images: palegingerbabies/Tumblr (2)