Kanye & T. Swift Share A Beautiful Moment

by Rachel Semigran

Though the Grammy Awards served us all a pretty somber ceremony this year, there were thankfully a few moments of levity. In fact, the awards were so long and drawn out this year even Kanye West managed to crack a few jokes — about himself. Case-in-point, the mega-celeb rapper pretended to run on stage after Beck beat out Beyonce for album of the year. Even better, however, was this: At one point during the night, West and Taylor Swift were friendly backstage, nearly six years after he interrupted her winning moment at the MTV VMA Awards. The two even posed for some super adorable pictures together backstage. It's official: It appears as though "I'mma Let You Finish"-gate is officially a closed case — rest in peace, memes, you have served us well.

In the behind-the-scenes snaps, West and Swift (Wift? Swest? Tanye?) look like the power BFFs they were always meant to be. Who knows, maybe next year Kimye will be invited to Swift's star-studded birthday party! Or, maybe both of them will place their collective awards in a swimming pool and swim around them like Scrooge McDuck. The possibilities are really endless here, guys. At the very least, Tay Tay will surely call Lena Dunham and tell her all about it and Kanye will go back to singing "Blank Space" in the shower like you know he always does.

Calling it: Tanye, KanTay is now a thing.

Take a look at music's weirdest rivalry doing a total 180: