Madonna Recovered Like a Champ

Ouch. That did not look pleasant. Wednesday's BRIT Awards were a big moment for superstar Madonna, and not just because she was performing her new single. The singer took the stage to perform new tune "Living For Love" in an intense costume, but it may have been the costume that was her ultimate downfall — no pun intended. As she performed the number, the singer walked up a small flight of stairs on the stage and turned her back to the audience. As her backup dancers walked down, one of them snagged the pop star's cape — and she fell backwards. The moment did not look like a good time.

Luckily, Madonna's a total pro, and instead of walking off stage to lick her wounds — or, you know, actually address that she had them — the star went right back into her tune with no more than a slight pause. That takes some serious stigma, especially because this was no ordinary tumble — Madonna could have really injured herself in that moment, and no one would have blamed her for stepping off stage.

I guess when you've been doing this since the '80s you get used to a few blunders here and there, and Madonna's BRIT Awards performance certainly explained why she's still a star even after 30-plus years in the spotlight. In fact, she even took to Instagram to tell fans that she's okay and that her "beautiful cape" was just on a little too tight. That's a pro right there — congrats, Madonna, for showing everyone how to handle yourself.

Check out the video below.