Naya Rivera & Big Sean Drama Rumors Need To Stop

It makes me sad that not everyone can just be happy for a celebrity when they announce something like an engagement or a pregnancy. Unfortunately for the Dorsey family, people started suspecting that Naya Rivera announced her pregnancy on the same day as Big Sean's album for a reason. Although Rivera has been separated from Big Sean nearly a year now, people still bring them up together all the time.

"Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey: Friends Fear Marriage Was To ‘Spite’ Big Sean" reads one headline from July. "Big Sean And Ariana Grande Dating Is Naya Rivera’s ‘Worst Nightmare’" says another from last August. She's basically the new Jennifer Aniston, except her Brad Pitt is Big Sean, and both women are unable to be separated from their exes no matter how much they've moved on.

So of course when her pregnancy news hit the web on the same day as Big Sean's album, Dark Sky Paradise, people started to suspect something was up. "Naya Rivera wins Petty Olympics, announces she's pregnant the day of Big Sean's album release," tweeted The Source magazine, one of many to mock Rivera for the timing.

Well now her husband Ryan Dorsey is clearing up the rumors. Naya Rivera announced her pregnancy when she did to beat the paparazzi to the punch. Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday about the timing of the two incidents, and how it was nothing more than coincidence.

It's so annoying when people insist on attaching celebrities with their exes long after the pair has broken up. I'm pretty sure Rivera is doing just fine without Big Sean. She's happily married with a baby on the way, and that should be what people focus on. Ironically she tweeted last week, before the pregnancy news, about how frustrating it is to see headlines inventing drama between the two of them when there is none.

So, no, I don't think her pregnancy was timed to steal Big Sean's spotlight. I think it was timed to steal OK Magazine's spotlight, and also to celebrate a really happy thing. So, let's focus on the positives instead of turning yet another female celebrity into another Jennifer Aniston, unable to escape her relationships of old.