Should Women Pay On The First Date? 17 Bustle Readers Share Their Opinions On Going Dutch


It's a question many straight women and men struggle with alike: who should pay on a first date? While it was simply a given in the olden days that the man would pay, the times they are a rightfully changin'. Although actual scientific stats on the subject are hard to come by, a survey by the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel found that 66 percent of women offer to pay on the first date, but still hope their date will pick up the tab. Twenty-two percent of women, claiming it was a man’s job to pay, claimed they would never offer, while only three percent said they would totally offer to pay the bill in full. On the other hand, 96 percent of men said they’d offer to pay the full bill.

In a world where women are striving for equality — but still average only 77 cents to every dollar a man earns — what exactly constitutes fair here?

I know I often find myself wondering if wanting a man to pay on the first date somehow diminishes my feminism. I’m not against the idea of going dutch, but I do think the man picking up the tab, especially in a world where there is still the gender pay gap, isn’t exactly a bad idea.

Bustle asked our male and female readers to share about their thoughts on paying on the first date. And, not surprisingly, their responses ran the gamut. Here’s what these 17 Bustle readers had to say about whether they pay on the first date.

1. Natalie, 27

2. Sean, 34

3. Colleen, 30

4. Jennifer, 27

5. Jen, 35

6. Sofia, 29

7. Henry, 36

8. Elizabeth, 31

9. Autumn, 26

10. Brendan, 33

11. Cinthia, 30

12. Karyn, 29

13. Leigh, 28

14. Tanya, 34

15. Cate, 24

17. Becky, 29

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