17 Celebrities Whose Names You're Probably Saying Wrong (Or If You're Like Me, Avoiding Saying Altogether So You Don't Look Stupid)

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I will start this article with a moment of silence for celebs with names so complicated that they just preemptively changed them before hitting the big time. This includes people like our adorable friend Nikolina Konstantinova, aka Nina Dobrev. It’s one thing to have to eye roll and explain your name to all your substitute teachers in high school, but it’s quite another to be so famous that you're stuck having to correct hundreds of millions of people who are constantly mispronouncing it. Looking at you, Jennifer Anastassakis (although, to be fair, her parents are the ones who changed the family name.)

The problem is, we’re all guilty of it. There are a ton of celebrities whose names we have all collectively been pronouncing wrong since they hit the scene, and I guess they’re all too polite to make a big scene out of it or we’d have realized it sooner. It’s not just celebrities with big names abundant with vowels. There are so many common, every day names that you might not suspect people would be wrecking every time they uttered them. If you’ve ever lost your chill because someone mispronounced your name, imagine what these guys and gals have to go through in the limelight every single day.

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