'Once Upon A Time' Season 4A Recap Will Remind You That 'Frozen' Wasn't The Only Thing That Mattered

It's been a long cold hiatus since Once Upon A Time wrapped up the first half of season 4. Now at least things will be a little bit warmer in Storybrooke, if only because Anna and Elsa have packed up their Frozen shenanigans and traveled back to Arendelle. Hey, remember how that story took up almost the entire first half of OUAT? Believe it or not, there were a few other things going on, and if you've forgotten any, don't worry. This Once Upon A Time Season 4A recap will catch you up just in time for the series' return.

Yes, Frozen came to town. Along with Anna and Elsa, we got Kristoff and Sven BUT NO OLAF. We also got the Snow Queen — aka Ingrid, aka the sisters' long-lost aunt. Just like OUAT loves to do, that whole storyline was wrapped up with a neat yellow bow. Anna was missing, and then she was found. Elsa freaked out about her powers, and was able to tame them. Kristoff showed up for five seconds, and was played by our forever crush, Scott Michael Foster. The Snow Queen was defeated by her own thirst for power, and basically evaporated like snowflakes, never to be seen again.

The burden of saving everyone and everything once again fell on Emma Swan's shoulders, but that's what you get for being the savior.

Even though the Frozen storyline took up much of Storybrooke's time (read: basically all of it) there were a few other major things that happened. Remember these for when the second half of season 4B kicks off Sunday night.

The Mysterious Author Behind Henry's Storybook

Mostly reformed Evil Queen, Regina, is tired of always being painted as the villain, and she blames that on the fact that she's always written as the villain in Henry's storybook. She's got it in her head that if she finds its author, then he/she/it can re-write her story, and give her the happy ending that she wants. It's called Operation: Mongoose. Supposedly, Belle's Honeymoon Mansion is where the author once lived (or maybe even lives now), but there's still very little information to go off. Be prepared for Operation: Mongoose to kick into full gear for 4B. Mostly because Regina lost Robin Hood to the outside real world and will likely do anything to get him back.

Regina's Kinda Pissed

Regina is not happy about the fact that Robin is gone, but she understands why he had to leave. Marian was dying, and the only way to save her was to leave the magical town. Crossing over that line causes Storybrooke to disappear, and not wanting to be away from his son, Robin went too. So that happy family is together again, but Regina is left heartbroken.

Hook Gained A Hand & Lost A Heart

Hook — or do we call him Killian? — is doing a pretty good job on his redemption tour. He's trying to prove himself to Emma, and to Henry, which was working. That is, until he was cornered into cooperating with Mr. Gold, who took his heart. Oh, but he did get his hand back for one date night with Emma, which really only made everything worse. Then there was the fear that he was going to die — because of that whole, "Rumple has his heart!" thing — but he didn't. Hopefully Hook will continue on the straight and narrow path, but he's always going to be a pirate.

Buh-bye Rumple

Know who's had enough? Belle. After a thousand lies, she's finally had enough of Rumpelstiltskin. She figures out that she doesn't have his actually dagger, but a copy. So all those times she thought she was controlling him? He was faking that. She gets hold of the real dagger, and sends him packing right out of Storybrooke. Too bad that we know from the tag at the end of the midseason finale that he comes back, and he's bringing friends (namely, the new villains of 4B).

Snow & Charming

Snow White and Prince Charming continued to be the most perfect people in the entire world, even when they were mad at each other/actually trying to kill one another. Just stop it you two, OK? You're making the rest of us look bad.

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