Is Kristen Stewart Single?

I envy Kristen Stewart for a lot of reasons, but one thing I would not wish for is the public's obsession with her love life. The actress may have starred in one of the most profitable vampire franchises to date (not to mention a slew of much better indie flicks like Adventureland and Camp X-Ray) but the question the world most wants to know about her is which person is Stewart's main squeeze. Of course, with someone as cool as Stewart, it's hard not to want to know who she thinks is worthy of her time and attention. So is Stewart single and ready to mingle, or is there someone she's interested in? There have been plenty of rumors, but here's what we know — and maybe, just maybe, we can put the question to rest once and for all.

As anyone who even glanced at a tabloid in the last five years knows, Stewart dated her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson from 2009 to 2013, which ended shortly after the 24-year-old actress was caught kissing her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. That was only just under two years ago, but as we all know, the rumor mill keeps on chugging. In August of 2014, Stewart was spotted on a "lunch date" with Jennifer Lawrence's ex Nicholas Hoult and the press had a frenzy, despite the fact that the two were co-stars filming Equals at the time. So yeah, maybe it was love — or maybe it was just grabbing some food with a buddy. I have a feeling I know what Stewart would say...

The most recent rumor swirling about Stewart could be a little bit more legitimate, or it could be completely exaggerated tabloid fodder. (Hey, it's hard to tell with celebrities these days.) Stewart and her longtime pal and former assistant Alicia Cargile have been spotted around Los Angeles, and from the looks of the photos, there's a chance that their relationship has gone from "just friends" to "dating." Then again, there's nothing wrong with giving your platonic pal a friendly hug, so maybe we shouldn't start needlepointing ALICIA LOVES KRISTEN on our pillows just yet.

If Stewart and Cargile are dating in real life, I have to applaud Stewart for making the smart decision of not dating a major celebrity again. I'm not sure we could handle another Pattinson-level romance, and the notoriously private Stewart is probably relieved not to be asked "what's it like to date your co-star?" in every interview she does. But until the actress confirms her relationship — or her single status — we won't know whether this girl is a taken lady. Which, to be honest, is probably how Stewart likes it.

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