'HTGAWM' Reveals A New Killer

The pieces finally came together on tonight's season finale. This show really teaches us that the moments in between can make all of the difference. Flashbacks to the night when Lila Stangard was murdered revealed the shocking truth — Frank killed Lila on How To Get Away With Murder. Don't be confused by Annalise and Wes creepily chanting that Sam killed Lila just to make it through. Here are the facts as we learned them in the ABC finale:

  • Lila tried to dump Rebecca as a friend and insulted her. As payback and to prove a point, Rebecca seduced Griffin.
  • Rebecca drugged her anxious neighbor Rudy with PCP and "Purple X" to keep him from spilling the details of Rebecca's relationship with Lila and Griffin to the police.
  • Drugged out and in a rage, Rudy scratched his own wall. His fingers were bloody and his mind was gone. Rebecca called the cops on him and had him taken away.
  • Earlier that night, Rebecca found Lila's body in the water tank on the night.
  • Sam was on the sorority roof that night. So was Griffin.
  • Sam called Frank and asked her to do "the thing they had talked about" because Frank owed him. So, technically, Sam is still guilty. He is still a murderer. He still deserves to be dead.
  • With some kind of speed that I at this point totally believe Frank is capable of, he climbed onto the roof and strangled Lila with gloved hands without anyone else seeing him.
  • Rebecca arrived on the roof next and found Lila's body. When some other sorority girls entered, she jumped into the water tank with Lila and hid there. That's why she was wet when she came home to find Rudy, which brings us full circle.

What's crazy to me is that we still don't know everything that happened. How does Griffin figure into all of this? Is anyone else going to find out that it was Frank all along? Why does Frank owe Sam a favor? It's a good thing that we were promised a second season in the fall, because that finale left more questions than we can process right now.

Catch up on Season 1 with this (drunk) recap below:

Image: Mitchell Haaseth/ABC