Politicians Are Chiming In About The Dress

The dress. Anyone with Internet service has probably joined #TheDress debate by now. Whether you're Team Blue and Black or Team White and Gold, it doesn't matter — seriously, I don't wanna hear it! What's more intriguing is just how far this debate has traveled across our national discourse. Celebrities, sports teams, and companies have all joined in the conversation, inspiring #TheDress to trend all over social media. But to prove just how far-reaching and transcendent this topic truly is, now even politicians have commented on The Dress. And not surprisingly, they're just as divided as the rest of the world.

On Thursday night, one Tumblr user posted a picture of a striped dress and asked her followers, "Is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?" It was a completely innocent question that sparked a completely unforeseen amount of debate. It's one of those things where for both teams, the answer just seems so clear and unequivocal. Those who saw white and gold just can't understand how it could be black and blue (I am of this opinion and I really can't; I won't; I refuse), and vice versa. People's minds were literally breaking over this conundrum.

By Friday morning, celebrities had joined in the convo (Taylor Swift might be scarred for life and Lady Gaga suggested a third color combo), companies were taking advantage of the trending topic to promote their products, and virtually every single media outlet was analyzing and trying to solve the mystery.

So it was only a matter of time before our nation's leaders and members of government chimed in about the dress. And it seems that #TheDress is more polarizing than climate change.

Even fictitious politicians are talking about the dress:

Images: swiked/Tumblr