Every Brand You Know Has Tweeted About "The Dress"

by Alicia Lu

Sorry, folks, but it doesn't look like the mass hysteria surrounding #TheDress is going to die down anytime soon. Not only are people still freaking out, but companies are including #TheDress in marketing campaigns, totally taking advantage of the trending topic to promote their products. Since the now-infamous dress and question were posted on Tumblr Thursday night, the post has garnered almost 500,000 likes.

The entire Internet was in a collective shouting match over what color the dress is — many asserting, "White and gold! while others insisted, "Black and blue!" Numerous celebrities joined the heated debate, and even politicians chimed in. In the end, it was confirmed that the actual dress is black and blue, but that various digital effects had rendered it white and gold for many viewers. It was a relief to learn that the world had not actually gone crazy over a body-con dress.

Meanwhile, as friend became foes and families were being torn apart, companies jumped on the bandwagon to essentially say, "Who cares what color it is? Look at our products!" To their credit, though, some of these ads using #TheDress are pretty damn clever.

Car Companies

Makeup Brands

Many, Many Food Companies

Clothing And Apparel Companies

Other Companies Championed Their Own Colors

But Perhaps The Best Use Of #TheDress Goes To...

Image: Roman Originals