8 Weird New Developments in Japanese Fast Food

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Lately there have been huge fast food shake-ups here in the United States: Wendy's rolled out the pretzel burger, McDonald's now offers — GASP — vegetables, and Burger King unleashed Satisfries while trying to convince everyone on Twitter that their new name is "Fries King" (it's not). Still, when it comes to innovations in chain dining, it’s almost impossible to top Japan. Earlier this month, the Japanese chain Lotteria unveiled a new "everything" burger with a pretty extensive ingredients list. Check it out.

1. Cheeseburger patty

2. Rib patty

3. Fried shrimp patty

4. Beef patty

5. Egg

6. Cheese

7. Pickles

8. Teriyaki sauce

9. Lettuce

10. Ketchup

11. Mayonaise

That's eleven layers of sandwich, not including bread or additional condiments. That's like a sandwich-within-a-sandwich, Inception-style creation. How are American brands ever supposed to match up? Lotteria has also made headlines for their Spaghetti Panda Burger, Five-Patty Burger, and ramen burgers (try it with 10 extra servings of ramen).

Here are 8 recent ways American chains are trying to compete within the wonderfully bizarre Japanese fast food scene. Hint: past efforts include the McDonald's Bacon Potato Pie, Burger King Meat Monster, the Pizza Hut Double Roll (only 646 calories per serving).

Image: Wendy's via Facebook

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