Charging Your Phone Has Never Been This Fun

Masturbation is fun — but just in case you've ever found yourself wishing it was also useful, good news: Pornhub's Wankband wearable will soon be a reality. What does this fascinating little thing do that makes it so useful, you ask? Simple: It charges your electronic devices through the magic of masturbation. Not only that, but it's environmentally friendly, too. Everybody wins!… even if it's still a little hilariously weird.

The Wankband looks like a Fitbit, but it does way more than track your steps: It actually takes the energy you generate when moving your arm up and down and converts it into electricity. I haven't been able to find out exactly how much energy your average masturbation session creates — but at this juncture, maybe it doesn't matter. I mean, I'm still squaring with the fact that someone not only came up with this idea in the first place, but moreover, actually implemented it. Anyone else really want to know what the brainstorm sessions that lead to the thing's creation were like? Tell me your secrets, Pornhub! I must know!

Here's how the Wankband works, according to its promo video:

1. Put it on.


2. Have a wank.

The device contains a valve with a small weight inside. The upwards-downwards motion employed when masturbating causes the weight to move up and down as well, generating and storing energy as it does so:

3. Plug your phone or whatever into it.

After you've generated all that energy, the next step is obviously to, y'know, use it. There's a USB port on the side of the Wankband; anything you plug into it will charge using the power stored in it. Voila!

As The Daily Dot points out, though, it's unclear whether the Wankband will also work for women. The promo video says it's unisex and will work just as well for women as it will for men; however, the motion that charges the thing up seems to be more in line with what dudes need to do in order to get off than what gals need to do.

I suppose this is something that beta testing will figure out, though — or rather, as Pornhub is calling it beata testing (get it). The device is still in development right now, but if you want to be one of the first to try it and give feedback on it, you can sign up to be a beata tester on Pornhub's Wankband website. Go ahead. It's for science, right?

Images: Fotolia; Pornhub/YouTube (4)