African American Female Inventors Who Created The Beauty Products That We Love

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Although Black History Month has come to a close, I thought it would be fun to highlight some of our everyday beauty products that were not only invented by African Americans, but women as well! All too often we go through our daily routines without realizing that someone had to invent every single thing we use. Imagine a world without your hair brush, curling iron or maxi pads! Pretty insane, right?Without the works of women like Theora Stephens or Lyda Newman, we would certainly be lost. It is so important that we learn the history of those who came before us, otherwise we will never be able to improve on our future. Awareness of the efforts that African Americans contributed to not only the United States but to the world at large is necessary in the movement towards erasing prejudices and racism.

I have seen my share of anonymous hate mail on Tumblr asking black bloggers, "What did blacks ever do for this country?" And the answer is, "A whole lot." Not only did African Americans contributed to the beauty products in this slide show, but they have also created cool things like the air conditioner, refrigerator and the elevator — just to name a few. Black History Month is not a historical month exclusive to the black community in America, nor should it be a celebration left only to February — it's a chance for us all to learn something new and respect our past.

Images: Flikr; Fotolia

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