12 Green Drinks To Add Some Major St. Patrick's Day Flair To Your Celebration

Even if you don't live in one of the most festive cities for St. Patrick's Day, there's nothing like a good St. Patrick's Day-ready green drink to add some spirit to the Irish celebration. Smoothies, cocktails, and milkshakes all capture the festivity of the March holiday. Whisky and Baileys may be classic drink choices for St. Paddy's day, but green foods and beverages take things to the next level.

Whether you're craving something sweet, spirited, or healthy, these 12 drinks will add some major St. Patrick's day flair to your menu. Flip through to go green.

Image: Oh She Glows

Green Apple and Spinach Smoothie

A touch of coconut milk and a squirt of lime make this fruity smoothie by A Beautiful Mess a zesty, healthy drink.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Mean Green Smoothie

For a much-needed detox before or after holiday festivities, look no further than Half Baked Harvest’s vegetable-filled smoothie.

Image: Half Baked Harvest

Jalapeño Margarita

Jalapeños kick things up a notch. Love and Lemons uses the spicy peppers to take your margarita to the next level.

Image: Love and Lemons

Kiwi-Banana Smoothie "Cocktail"

Served in a fancy martini glass, The Kitchn’s detoxing green drink makes a refreshing change from a day full of imbibing.

Image: The Kitchen

Matcha Vanilla Smoothies

As one of the most trendy foods of 2015, matcha makes the perfect smoothie addition. Thanks, Love and Lemons!

Image: Love and Lemons

Creamy Avocado Lassi

A classic Indian drink, lassi combines yogurt, milk, and cardamom for a yummy treat. The Kitchn mixes in avocados for a bright green beverage.

Image: The Kitchn

Apple Ginger Cocktail

Made with just three ingredients, this apple ginger cocktail by A Beautiful Mess makes an easy happy hour option.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

Tropical Green Smoothie

Start your day with a vibrant touch — Averie Cooks makes a tropical smoothie that gives you a fruit and veggie-filled boost.

Image: Averie Cooks

Honeydew Margaritas

Melon makes a fresh addition to your usual margarita. Cookie and Kate mixes it up with plenty of lime for a zesty cocktail.

Image: Cookie and Kate

Peppermint Patty Green Monster

Forget the Shamrock Shake. Oh She Glows’ peppermint patty shake is as healthy as it is delicious.

Image: Oh She Glows

Pineapple Avocado Smoothie

The secret to making a sweet and fruity smoothie? Cookie and Kate adds a touch of lime and coconut milk.

Image: Cookie and Kate

Cucumber Juice

Give the smoothies and cocktails a rest. A Cozy Kitchen’s cucumber juice is a perfectly refreshing alternative.

Image: A Cozy Kitchen