'SNL' Says Say What You Wanna Say To Your Friends

You should never be afraid to say really say what you wanna say to something that makes you feel uncomfortable, and Dakota Johnson, along with the cast of SNL, does not want you to forget that. On Saturday's show, we were finally given the courage to say what they're really thinking to people that we didn't have the courage to say the truth to before. This is it, introverts. Passive-agressive people, check your passiveness at the door, because we're going all in and saying "no" to all those annoying acquaintances that want to hang out with us.

At first, the sketch seems like it's an empowerment add to encourage women to say "no," and it is, but not in the way it seemed. Quickly, we realize that the sketch is about people saying what you really want to say to those annoying friends and coworkers who want to hang out with you, and you don't want to hang out with them. You know the type — the person that you run into for the first time in years and they say, "We should get coffee." And you feel obligated to say "Sure," with no intention of ever reaching out. Well, "sure" is a thing of the past. NO — I don't want to get coffee with you!

Do you have a coworker who always asks you to hang out outside of work? First of all, how dare they? Second of all, now you've got the courage to say "No!" How about a friend who asks if you want to share a cookie? "Hell no!" you deserve that entire cookie, and you will tell her that.

It's not confirmed, but according to the sketch, when you say what you're really thinking Sara Bareilles' song "Brave" starts playing, so if that's not reason enough to become a "no" man, I don't know what is.

Images: NBC