Babies Took Over The Dolce & Gabbana Runway

Children seem to be everywhere these days. From your favorite brunch spot that has become inundated with screaming toddlers, to the growing number of pregnancy announcements on your Facebook feed, the presence of little ones seems inescapable. You can't even hide from them at fashion week, because the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2015 Womenswear show is full of babies. In keeping with their job descriptions as baby models (keep your eyes open, don't cry or squirm) , these children were relatively mellow.

The Dolce and Gabbana's Fall 2015 Womenswear collection, which debuted this afternoon in Milan, paid apparent homage to moms. Against a backdrop with "Mamma" written in cursive, the show opened on a group of women and children sitting family portrait style (kind of like they did with their Fall 2015 Menswear presentation). In keeping with the theme, a handful of models stomped the runway with their own infants in their arms, who seemed to keep it together pretty well. You know how unprofessional those regular babies can be at fashion shows, after all. Looking at you, North West.

How did this play on the runway, you ask? It ran the gamut. Some of the models had apparent chemistry with their children. Others tangled hopelessly with their restless babies to prevent them from wriggling free from their grasp. A few models took the hold-it-like-a-sack-of-flour approach to their babies, which seemed to be the most effective strategy for infant management.


This baby just wasn't havin' it.

Some of the models and their babies merely coexisted. This is clearly a business relationship.

Model Bianca Balti walked sporting a zygote in her belly. Snaps for pregnant models!

Some regular-aged children even made it into the show!


The finale walk was a veritable parade of motherhood.

Afterwards, Domenico Dolce waded gleefully into the pond of puffy-cheeked Earth cherubs. The puffy-cheeked Earth-cherubs tolerated his presence, as professional baby models are obliged. Job well done, kids.

Image: Getty Images (2)