These 'Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills' Season 5 Reunion Spoilers Reveal It'll Be The Most Explosive One Yet & That's Saying Something

It's almost that time of year again, time for more screaming, backstabbing, and crying than you've ever wanted to see jam-packed into one hour of television, or less if you've got commercials. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 reunion is almost upon us. What drama can we expect the ladies of the 90210 to rehash only to leave heartbroken once again?

Real Housewives reunions notoriously provide some of the most explosive moments of the season. If you were stuck in a room with a bunch of women for hours on end while wearing a dress you can't breathe in and heels that pinch your feet, you would probably be ready to cut someone by the end too. Plus, with most of this season's drama building and building as we approach the grand finale, the tension is going to be especially raw at the Season 5 reunion. I can't decide if I'm excited or terrified. Probably a little of both.

The promise of an amazingly awful Season 5 reunion kind of just makes you wish we could fast-forward through these next few episodes and skip ahead, doesn't it? Well, we are forever at the mercy of Bravo, so that's not possible. However, we do know that the Season 5 reunion was filmed on Feb. 20, and with that, some intel has been revealed to the press already. Here are five spoiler-rific things we can expect to go down at the Season 5 reunion of RHOBH.

1. Everyone Will Come For Brandi

At the beginning of Season 5, I was rooting for you, Brandi. We were all rooting for you! Unfortunately, as you tried to repair your relationship with Lisa Vanderpump, you had a huge blow-up with Kyle Richards, "playfully" threw a glass of wine at Eileen Davidson, and will end up slapping Lisa V. in a later episode this season.

So it really shouldn't come as a surprise that it looks like the majority of the ladies will not be feeling Brandi during the Season 5 reunion. "She had a really tough time," a source close to the show told PEOPLE about the Season 5 reunion taping. "It's like the other women feel like it's fun to be mean to her." Well, since Brandi seems to enjoy ruining her fellow Housewives' lives, I'd say she had it coming.

2. But Brandi Still Has Her Allies

Though Brandi has made a lot of enemies this season, a couple of loyal friends have stood by her for some reason. We all know Brandi and Kim Richards have gotten surprisingly close this season, which is one reason why she and sister Kyle have had such an emotional, multi-episode feud. Yolanda Foster has also been a confidant of Brandi's, helping her through her yoga-filled detox, even if Brandi said she heard people accuse Yo's daughter Bella Hadid of having a drinking problem. Still, these two remained on Brandi's side during the reunion, according to PEOPLE. In fact, they were really the only two RHOBH cast members speaking to Brandi at the time. But like ahem, see No.1.

3. Yolanda Attended The Reunion

Though Yolanda was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2012, her chronic illness didn't seem to affect her ability to film RHOBH. Unfortunately, Yolanda suffered a relapse in early December 2014 and lost the ability to read, write, watch TV, or process any kind of information, for that matter. There were rumors that Yolanda would not be well enough to attend the Season 5 reunion. However, E! News reported that Yolanda was indeed at the reunion, but she did not stay for the entirety of filming. Here's what a source told E! News about Yolanda's appearance:

"She wasn't feeling great. But she looked good and was articulate and well spoken while she was there... Instead of staying the whole day and not functioning the way she'd like, she stayed as long as she could and was solid."

Some Yolanda is always better than no Yolanda at all.

4. There Will Be Kim & Kyle Sister Drama

As a viewer, it's been heartbreaking to see Kim and Kyle's perennially tumultuous relationship deteriorate this season, so I can only imagine what it's been like for the Richards sisters to air their dirty laundry on national television. Unsurprisingly, things will get emotional between them during the reunion, and there will be tears, according to E! News. Since Kim was still reportedly chummy with Brandi during the reunion taping, I'm sure that will only add fuel to the fire. However, E! News also reported that Kim seemed pretty coherent and normal during the taping, so hopefully that will at least not be an issue for them.

5. It Will Be A Train Wreck For Everyone Involved

Though the Housewives and Andy Cohen have revealed very little about what actually went down at the reunion on Twitter, it still sounds like the taping was nothing short of a horror show. The Housewives sound even more exhausted and emotionally scarred after taping the Season 5 reunion than usual, and trust me, that is saying something. In addition to the above tweet, here is a smattering of the insanity that will ensue in 140 characters or less.

Ch'yeah, it's going to be pretty epic. You've been warned.

Images: Michael Porro (2), Nicole Weingart (3)/Bravo