Justin Timberlake Visits Jessica Biel On Set, Proving They're The Cutest Married Folks Ever — PHOTO

In case there was ever any doubt in your mind that Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are the cutest couple in the history of ever, this news will take care of that for you. Last week, Timberlake stopped by the set of Biel's movie, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, in New Orleans, for a surprise visit, and from the photos that have surfaced, it's pretty clear that she was thrilled to see him. Despite the fact that Biel is really, really pregnant — seriously, homegirl is about to pop seeing as she's due next month — she's still hard at work making the moolah to support her growing family. And according to what sources close to the actress tell Us Weekly, she's being a good sport about it, despite what pregnancy aches and pains she might be experiencing.

"She's very pregnant but she's really been a good sport. She's working long days with 5 a.m. call times and doesn't complain at all. She doesn't seem to be uncomfortable. She's very low-maintenance and hasn't required anything extra at all. She is the opposite of a diva."

Even so, I'm imagining she was pretty psyched to see Timberlake, as we all would be if he showed up unexpectedly at our place of work. The pictures from their visit pretty much speak for themselves, and it's hard to deny that Biel is practically glowing.

And how cute is Timberlake, smiling like a fool in the car behind her? Ugh, did Biel luck out getting the best member of 'NSync as her husband or what? As jealous as I am, though, even I can admit that these crazy kids are so perfect together.

Hopefully, the next news we hear from these two is that they've given birth to the most adorable, musically talented baby ever. I can't wait!