When Fish Mooney & Dr. Dulmacher Meet On 'Gotham,' She Only Has A Few Options

Fish Mooney has survived everything the writers of Gotham have thrown at her: angry mobsters, cops, her protege turning on her. But she's up against her toughest foe yet — Fish was kidnapped by Dr. Dulmacher a few episodes ago, and just now is starting to realize the magnitude of her imprisonment. It didn't take long for Fish to gain control of the underground collection of criminals, thieves, and innocent people used for organ donation. But getting an audience with Dulmacher himself has proven to be more difficult. It's already taken her three episodes and one eye, and we just found out Dulmacher's name.

But even though Fish should consider her audience with him a success, there's danger in dealing with Dulmacher. He clearly has an appreciation for Fish's ability to negotiate, or he would have never entertained her demands. But he clearly has no problem toying with people and treating them like objects.

The trailer for the eighteenth episode of Gotham shows Fish finally coming face to face with Dulmacher, but she'll have to choose her plan carefully if she wants to end up back in Gotham City with the rest of her body parts in tact.

She Could Ask To Join Him

Fish isn't exactly Gotham City's most popular resident right now. Falcone may have even negotiated this whole situation with Dulmacher in order to get ride of her once and for all. So she might suggest that Dulmacher side with her instead, using her ability to rally the troops and take control to their mutual benefit.

She Could Trade For Her Release

There's no way that Fish isn't going to want to come back to Gotham City at some point. And she'll need some strong support so Falcone doesn't have her whacked. Maybe Fish could promise Dr. Dulmacher some more bodies (the duplicitous mobsters who betrayed her, perhaps?).

She Could Take Over Dulmacher's Position

This would be a huge mistake for the show, but they could have Fish take over as the bloodthirsty doctor. It would be hard to root for Fish if she started ripping out people's body parts to sell them. But she could also take over the infrastructure of Dulmacher's little prison and turn it into something less evil, like a smuggling operation. You know, innocent gangster stuff.

She Could Blow Up The Whole Thing

It might be cool to see villains beating villains at their own game, and Fish is a skilled manipulator. She's been solely on the side of the prisoners since Day One, and Fish does have her own twisted sense of loyalty. I think she'd be best off getting rid of Dr. Dulmacher quickly, so she can get back to being one of Gotham's best and strongest foes.

Images: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy (4)