‘Bachelor' Frontrunner Whitney Still Has Her Job, But Does That Mean She Didn't Win?

Has Whitney given fans clues that she may not become Mrs. Chris Soules? Bachelor contestant Whitney Bischoff is in the top two, but the last episode kind of made it seem like if Whitney won, she would leave her job in Chicago and move to Arlington, Iowa with bachelor Chris Soules. (And there's nothing wrong with that, by the way! She knows what she wants and goes for it. Respect.) But because I love a good spoiler, I decided to check in and see what Whitney has been up to and it looks like she’s still working at her Chicago fertility clinic since the show has ended.Does that mean she doesn’t win?

Not necessarily. Maybe she found a way to be with Chris and keep her career or maybe she isn’t planning on leaving her job until after the finale airs since she technically couldn't move to Arlington, Iowa in the middle of the season without spoiling the whole damn thing. Of course, there are many reasons she is still posting photos at the office, but we can definitely assume that as of now, she is still a hardworking fertility nurse. We really won’t know what’s happening with her job until after the final rose ceremony and there's always the chance that Whitney is trying to throw us all off.

So what proof did I find that Whitney is still a working woman?

This Three-Day-Old Photo

Three days ago, Whitney posted a photo in her work outfit showing that she is still in the office doing her work. “My day is made after getting to meet this little miracle this morning!” She captioned the pic adorable picture with a baby that we can only assume she helped make.

Exhibit B: Jan. 18

On January 18, she posted yet another photo in her fertility nurse scrubs. Again, she is holding a baby because her job is all about making babies. I won’t lie, these photos of Whitney changing lives are making me question my career in the entertainment journalism world.

And… again…

Even though she took a still frame from The Bachelor, the caption of this photo makes me believe that she has yet to leave her job. “So lucky to have the most rewarding job and to work with the best! #makinbabies”

Her Job Is Everything To Her

It doesn't seem like she would quit on a whim until she and Chris are actually married. She talks so highly of her job in this field. I bet she stays there until she’s 100 percent confident her and Chris are going to go through with a marriage. No offense, but most of the relationships on the Bachelor don’t work out. If she and Chris do, she has plenty of time to leave her job later.

And with that, I'll let this conversation drop the mic for me:

Images: Jean Whiteside/ABC