Secretary Of State John Kerry Is Confident That The U.S. Is Defeating ISIS, Despite The Extremist Group's Recent Violent Actions

In a statement that may seem inconsistent with the latest unsettling developments in the Middle East, ABC's news program This Week on Sunday saw Secretary of State John Kerry insist that the U.S. is defeating ISIS, even though reports regarding the militant group's most recent actions might indicate otherwise.

When correspondent Martha Raddatz pointed to The New York Times' report on ISIS' destruction of ancient artifacts just in the past week (Times reporter Anne Barnard likened it to a "rampage reminiscent of Tamerlane or Genghis Khan"), contrasting it with Kerry's recent comments regarding the fight against ISIS, he said:

However, Kerry conceded that the situation in Syria — still in the midst of a bloody, complicated civil war now close to its fourth year — presented a more difficult battle. He pointed to the U.S.' Middle Eastern allies and said:


Kerry's statements were in defense of his claims earlier last week in Congress that globally, violent conflict is at its lowest point in history — a dramatically contradictory statement to that of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper's a day later that 2014 was the "most lethal year for global terrorism" since the beginning of such data complication 45 years ago. The Secretary of State had told the House Appropriations Subcommittee:

But when questioned by Raddatz, Kerry explained that although overall, the world was less affected by violent conflict now than in the past hundred years, Clapper's statement was important for highlighting ISIS' grave threat. He said:

Infamous for its executions, in February alone, ISIS beheaded two Japanese citizens, brutally burned to death Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh in a cage, and mass beheaded 21 Coptic Christians. But despite the group's continuous spate of violence, Kerry expressed confidence in defeating ISIS:

Images: ABC News (2); Getty Images