'Adventure Time' Is Being Made Into A Movie & Here's Why You Should Be Watching The Show

Oh. My. Glob. There's officially going to be an Adventure Time movie! Deadline reported Friday the beloved Cartoon Network series, that has been airing since 2010, will be made into a full-length feature film. If you haven't been watching, Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, is the trippy, feel-good story of 12-year-old adventurer Finn and his punchy best bud, Jake the Dog. They live in the technicolor world of the Land of Ooo, protecting it from the Ice King who wants to capture all the princesses, especially Princess Bubblegum. Warner Bros. is developing the movie, with Chris McKay and Roy Lee producing.

Surely the movie will include other favorites like Lumpy Space Princess, the most spoiled, boy-crazy nasally purple charmer in the Adventure Time universe, and the wily Marceline the Vampire Queen, who can go to town on the bass. And the behind-the-scenes team is full of animator stars, too; Both McKay and Lee were producers on The Lego Movie, a box-office smash that won the BAFTA for Best Animated Film and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song for "Everything is Awesome."

Even though Adventure Time is packaged as a kids' show, its wacky world that's brightly colored and exuberant has captivated a large number of fans that are teenagers and adults. Even though the Good Vibes in the Land of Ooo are plenty, the show also has a deeper, darker undertone: the Land of Ooo is, after all, a post-apocalyptic world 1000 years after the Great Mushroom War.

There's a combination of exuberance, imagination and nostalgia mixed with very emotional and honest storylines that makes Adventure Time SO mathematical (Finn's word for "awesome"). Zack Handlen wrote back in 2012 that the show "fits beautifully in that gray area between kid and adult entertainment in a way that manages to satisfy both a desire for sophisticated (i.e., weird) writing and plain old silliness." And the movie will be even better, since it will have so much more time than an 11-minute episode. to work through its inventive world. We're so excited!

Images: Cartoon Network, Giphy.