'The Lego Movie' Honest Trailer Is A Nice Reminder Of How Much This Movie Rocked — VIDEO

It's rare that you come across an Honest Trailer by Screen Junkies that plays more like an actual trailer or a rave review than like a biting parody. But, that's the case with the honest trailer for The Lego Movie : It's clear off the bat that they, like the rest of us, were very pleasantly surprised by this movie, and can't even joke about it!

One of the many disappointing things about this year's Oscar nominations was the egregious oversight of The Lego Movie in the Best Animated Feature category. It honestly was a true gem of a film, mainly because The Lego Movie managed something that many animated films try for, but few outside of Pixar actually land: They won over children and adults alike. That fact is never clearer than when the first half of its honest trailer isn't snarky at all; they're basically laying out the actual facts of the film instead of tearing it apart, with some necessary humor on the side of course (well, it wouldn't be Honest Trailers without that).

They do address the more ridiculous aspects of the film, of course: They wrap it all up with a really great take on the film's uber-catchy song "Everything Is Awesome," except, this time around, it's "Everything's A Product." And yes, it's still awesome.

Check the video below.

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Image: Warner Bros.