Rihanna & Leonardo DiCaprio First Photo Won't Convince You That The Rumors Are True... Or Will It? — PHOTO

The rumors about the bizarre romantic union that is Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio continue to fly, and I'm as skeptical about that as I was about the rumor that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin were dating. Of course, "Martin Lawrence" made any true faith in their relationship kind of an impossibility by somehow managing to never be photographed anywhere despite having public dates at concert venues and popular California restaurants. DiCaprio and Rihanna, however, haven't actually been confirmed to be anything more than two people having adult fun, so it makes more sense that there are no pictures of them. At least, until now. TMZ captured the first picture of DiCaprio and Rihanna together and it's — just as unimpressive as the first photo of J. Law and Martin.

The picture features Rihanna and DiCaprio standing together. That's it. That's the whole thing. She is holding what looks like a sparkler or a lighter while DiCaprio stands slightly behind her, bearded and wearing a cap. In the second photo, we are looking at Rihanna's back as she turns around, possibly to speak to him, while DiCaprio remains in the exact same position. It's not exactly the damning evidence of romantic entanglement that most people are probably hoping for.

However, in situations like this, it's becoming increasingly clear that we should kind of start taking what we can get from these celebrities. After all, when it came to Martin Lawrence's first photo together, it was them walking off in two different directions with two different groups of people and acting for all the world like they'd never been introduced in their lives. Remember this?

Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In contrast, Rihanna and DiCaprio look way more in love than the actual conscious coupling of Lawrence and Martin. They are at least standing together, even though the TMZ articles goes on from there to paint a pretty bizarre picture of the relationship dynamics. According to them, Rihanna was all over DiCaprio while he was just not that into her. "She's the baddest b**** in the party," said a quoted source. "But she's following him everywhere." I'm trying to imagine Rihanna following around someone who is giving off passive signs of wanting a moment alone, but I'm not quite able to picture that. Especially when that someone is a man. Bad Girl Rhi-Rhi follows no man.

So, whether or not you believe that RihCaprio (or whatever their 'ship name is) are an actual couple, or whether you believe Hollywood is just pulling our collective legs, we can at least say that they were in the same place at the same time once with the evidence of more than just hearsay and anonymous sources. And, let's be real, that's all that really matters right now.

Image: Getty Images