Who Is The Newest 'RHONY' Addition?

by Arielle Dachille

Take a Xanax and gird your loins, people of Earth, because The Real Housewives of New York Season 7 trailer has just been released. With the reintroduction of Bethenny Frankel into the fold and the continuing antics of Ramonya, it looks like the latest chapter in the Big Apple ladies' lives is gonna be old-school Turtle Time bananas. (THANK GOD! It got boring for a while there.) In addition to all that glorious madness, a new cast member had been added to the mix. Who is Dorinda Medley, the newest RHONY cast member? She has a unique name fitting of the Melbourne cast, but her attitude is all New York.

Just judging from the trailer alone, it seems like she really enjoys curse-words and doesn't hold anything back. She tells LuAnn de Lesseps over pedicures, "When there's a vagina involved with men, there could always be a slip-up and I don't like slip-ups." It's too early to tell, but I'm sincerely hoping that this is her tagline.

At another point in the Season 7 preview, Dorinda listens to an apparently drunk Sonja Morgan rave about partying with a man known only as John-John. Having run out of patience for Sonja's tipsy charade, Dorinda shuts her down with the ultra-sensitive line, "Yeah, well, John-John is dead." Jeez! Tell us how you REALLY feel!

Other than someone who is exceptionally unfiltered, what is Dorinda's deal? According to Reality Tea, this New York City socialite is reportedly a close friend of Ramona Singer's. Any close friend of the pinot-fueled whirligig that is Ramona Singer is a great addition to any reality TV show, so please, tell me more!!!

According to the New York Post, Dorinda met her high-profile late husband Richard Medley while showing him a townhouse in her former life as a real-estate broker. Richard, a former partner in the hedge-fund consulting firm George Soros and former chief economist for the U.S. House Banking Committee, sadly passed away at the age of 60 in 2011 after a "brief illness." Yeesh! Sounds pretty sudden and traumatic.

According to Reality Tea, Dorinda also has a daughter from a previous marriage named Hannah Lynch.

The New York Post reports that she is dating the owner of a Manhattan high-end dry cleaning business named John Mahdessian, who is pictured with her below. According to Elite Traveler, The New York Observer once referred to him as the "Sultan of Stains," so that's something.

Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Furthermore, it looks like she has an adorable poodle that gives her life profound joy.

This puppy may or may not have a Chanel food bowl. Ah, housewife franchise excess as per usual.

With the help of scratch-off lottery tickets, salad, and Kafka, she's on her way to getting the hang of this crazy dice game we call life.

Best of luck to you in the cage-match-of-manners that is the Real Housewives franchise, Dorinda!

Image: Getty Images