Melanie Griffith Supports Dakota Johnson, So Let's Bury All This Fight Talk

There are always some awkward moments on major awards show red carpets — gotta have something to cut up all the glamour. Aside from John Travolta's close proximity, this year it was mother-daughter duo Melanie Griffith and Fifty Shades Of Grey star Dakota Johnson who had a lot of people in their awkward grasp. But let's get something clear: She may not want to see her daughter's sex movie, but obviously Giffith supports her daughter in her big break. Just look at Griffith's tweet in re: Johnson's SNL hosting gig. It's all right there.

The awkwardness began when Griffith showed no interest on the red carpet when asked if she'd be seeing Fifty Shades, to which Johnson raised objection. She even poked fun at it during her SNL promos with a "see my movie, mom!"

But, of course, it's possible to support your kid without directly watching them simulate sex on the big screen. In fact, Griffith expressed a similar sentiment during the Fifty Shades press tour, straight-out declaring back in January that she didn't want either of her parents to see it:

But I don't want my family to see [the movie], because it's inappropriate. Or my brothers' friends, who I grew up with. I think they'd be like, 'Blegh.' Also there's part of me that's like, I don't want anyone to see this movie. Just kidding.

So it's hardly clear-cut that Griffith's slacking in the support department by not watching Jamie Dornan french braid her daughter's hair and spank her repeatedly for two hours. In fact, Griffith's proving there are plenty of ways to support your kid without ever having to directly confront their fictional BDSM activities. I mean, just look at her Twitter page — 95 percent of it is Johnson.