11 'Big Hero 6' Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed The First Time You Saw The Oscar-Winning Film

Whether every Disney film takes place in some kind of interconnected universe, or whether they're all in their own little bubbles that only barely touch each other, is still a matter of debate. Those who firmly believe the latter can be proven wrong by little things like Rapunzel from Tangled appearing in Frozen as a guest at Elsa's coronation — or by the sheer amount of Easter Eggs that were scatted throughout Big Hero 6. Despite BH6 not being The Lego Movie , it still managed to take home an Oscar the the 2015 ceremony, and even those who are still bitter about The Lego Movie's loss are probably curious to check it out. But, if you're anything like me, then you want to know what you're getting into before you buy that DVD.

For the rest of you, please be aware that there are spoilers ahead. Granted, not every Easter Egg from Big Hero 6 is completely tied to a spoiler. Most of them are background items and moments that have no baring on the plot except to give fans of Disney and Marvel something to look out for. However, there's a pretty big spoiler buried below as one of the Easter Eggs and I'd hate to ruin that for people who hate knowing what's ahead. For everyone who is still here, Big Hero 6 drops references to 11 huge things over the course of the film and you can find out what they are below.

1. Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph gets a shout out in two places during Big Hero 6. If you look closely at the city's skyline, there's a billboard for Wreck-It Ralph atop one of the buildings. Apparently, it's a movie in San Fransokyo. There is also Wreck-It Ralph action figure and a Cy-Bug in Hiro's room, because apparently he's a huge fan of Hero's Duty. Which is surprising... or unsurprising, depending on how you look at it.

2. Lilo & Stitch

Fred has a pillow with Stitch's face on it in his house, but there is also a picture that has Stitch in it in Hiro's house. Watch out for it when he's trying to avoid Aunt Cass as she tries to entice him to have wings with her in the kitchen — right after he throws Mochi up the stairs.

3. Disney

It's a Disney movie, so, of course, there were hidden Mickey Mouses everywhere. One could be seen in the shadows of the warehouse as Baymax and Hiro take their leave, and another can be seen on Hiro's shoes once he's fully suited up and climbing onto Baymax's back. Many of the citizens in San Fransokyo are also modeled after Disney animators.

4. Marvel

HUGE SPOILERS AHEAD. This is also technically a Marvel movie, so of course Stan Lee appears in it. Sharp-eyed viewers noticed that Fred's father, first seen in a portrait in his mansion, looks very familiar. Any doubts were destroyed by the post-credits scene, in which Fred's father, modeled after and voiced by Stan Lee, returns home to talk to him about the family legacy. However, that's not all. There are also action figures of plenty of Marvel characters scattered around Fred's room.

5. Iron Man

If you look closely when Tadashi Hamada takes Hiro to the university for the first time, one of the students bears a very close resemblance to Tony Stark. He even has an arc reactor (not in his chest). You can catch a glimpse of this guy standing behind the bin where Go Go Tomago throws her latest unsatisfying magnetic wheel.

6. Frozen

It appears the citizens of San Fransokyo hate Prince Hans just as much as we do. Not only is he pictured on a Wanted poster in the police station, but there is a statue of him in Fred's backyard — that Baymax destroys while testing out his rocket fist. As if Anna punching him in the face wasn't enough.

7. Internet

Are you looking at those monitors by the police officer when Baymax and Hiro go running at the idea of the officer trying to contact Hiro's parents? (Awkward, since they're dead.) Apparently, the officer was playing Solitaire on one screen and browsing what appeared to be popular fanfiction website Archive of Our Own on the other screen.

8. Bolt

On that same officer's desk, there is not only a framed picture of Bolt but also another framed picture of animal shelter guard Esther, both obviously from the Disney movie Bolt.

9. Chicken Little

Much like Wreck-It Ralph, Chicken Little appears to be a movie in San Fransokyo. There's a billboard with this guy's face on it atop a building.

10. The Incredibles

If you look very closely on one of the shelves in Fred's room, behind all those Marvel action figures appears to be action figures of the Parr family from The Incredibles. Clearly the boy has some incredible taste.

11. Feast

This one would mean the most to theater-goers who got to see this Disney short ahead of the film, but Big Hero 6 has a graffiti version of the dog from the short on one of the doors in a bad neighborhood. Of course, these are only 11 of the biggest Easter Eggs you can find in the movie. Some are just speculation, of course, but there can be no doubt that Big Hero 6 really made the effort to connect to as many Disney films as possible — among other references.

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