Kristen Stewart Is Your Inner Monologue

She's one actress who could care less what others think and isn't afraid to speak her mind. While some recognize her as Bella Swan from the Twilight movies, I notice Kristen Stewart for her non-apologetic opinions, beliefs, and facial expressions (ever notice how she sometimes gets annoyed during an interview?). You know how Stewart gets bashed for never smiling? Well, let's stop talking about that, because I know I don't go walking around with a smile plastered on my face. Instead, we should admire Stewart for saying things that everyone is thinking.

If you've ever wanted to find the strength to speak your mind and reveal your passions, secrets, and guilty pleasures, well you can totally look to Stewart to help you do just that. After spending part of my day browsing through Kristen Stewart gifs (I have a hard job, right?), I found the actress has said what a lot of people are thinking, on more than one occasion. From her love for Edward Cullen to her Taco Bell passion, Stewart is basically the girl next door who feels and thinks just like us.

With that said, here are 11 times that Kristen Stewart said exactly what you were thinking and will hopefully give you the push you need to speak your mind.

That Time She Gave Great Advice

Amen, Kristen. Amen.

That Time She Yelled About Fur

This is for all those animal lovers.

That Time She Confessed To Being A Cat Lady

I think Taylor Swift would agree.

That Time She Didn't Want To Kiss Robert Pattinson

Sometimes you just don't feel like kissing someone — even Edward Cullen.

That Time She Expressed Her Twilight Love

If you're a closet Twilight lover, let your vampire passion shine.

That Time She Admitted To Being Crazy

Sometimes you just want the world to know you're crazy.

That Time She Was Annoyed

No words needed.

That Time She Talked About Taco Bell

Any Taco Bell lovers feel the same way?

That Time She Declared She Was On #TeamEdward

Edward Cullen = everybody's true love.

That Time She Professed Her Love For Miley Cyrus

Don't we all?

That Time She Spoke To All Her Haters

We would all say this, if we all had haters.

Keep on being you, Kristen.

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