'Vanderpump Rules' Spoilers From The Cast Are All Over Instagram, Because Pics Or It Didn't Happen

Oh, this is going to be horrifyingly amazing. The Vanderpump Rules Season 3 reunion is just around the corner, and if you've ever wanted to watch a train wreck with the assurance that no one gets physically hurt, I advise you tune into this reunion. The season was, as always, a look into the minds of people who all have one thing in common: they really love themselves. Never before on reality TV have you hoped for decency like you have on Vanderpump Rules (someone do something not awful... please!). But what fun would that be? And what type of a professional atmosphere would that be for a restaurant? I digress. With the reunion just around the corner, you might be wondering what we can expect to see on the Season 3 reunion.

Well, without having any insider knowledge of the reunion, I can guess the following happens: Someone cries, someone else cries, someone screams, Jax is called a liar, someone is called crazy, someone is accused of cheating, someone is accused of ruining a wedding, someone says they're no longer friends with another someone, etc. Such a positive bunch of people, right? Aside from those guesses, we can look to the Vanderpump Rules stars' social media to really find out what went down before the episode airs.

Is Stassi There?

From the looks of this picture, no. But there are a few not pictured cast members, so maybe we can cross our fingers? Also, could Kristen and James BE in anymore of a reject seat?

Stassi Did Glam Up For Something

OK, I just really want Stassi to be there so she can throw shade at people she's not friends with. On the same day as the reunion, Stassi posted this picture, so maybe she did attend the reunion?

Andy Cohen Probably Didn't Have A Blast

At least he has Lisa Vanderpump's lips to save him for when he collapses of exhaustion.

Scheana, Katie, and Ariana Are Still Friends

Kristen didn't make the cut for the photo, unfortunately.

Some Of Them Went To Dinner After

Again, no Kristen and James, but it looks like some of the cast was still able to stand each other and went out for a bite at PUMP. Hopefully Lisa treated them.

Tom & Katie Seem Happy

Note: they aren't sitting next to each other after the reunion, so the "happy" might not stand post-reunion.

Jax Semi-Live Tweeted

Yeah, so it seems like it went really well...

Images: Bravo