The 6 Most Stylish 'OUAT' Characters In The ABC Show's History, Because The Evil Queen Is On Point

It's no lie the creators of Once Upon a Time , Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, are quite inventive when it comes to the show's writing. Over the past four seasons, we've seen some incredible twists and turns for our all time favorite characters, including hidden identities, intersecting story lines and so much more. What can we say? They certainly hold our attention.

Aside from the series’ amazing plot line, the rest of the crew deserves some recognition too. I’m talking about the amazing designers and stylist on the show. I mean, can we address those costumes? When they introduced the Frozen characters at the first half of this season, those Elsa and Anna outfits were on point, to say the least! And don’t even get me started on the recreation of the classic Beauty and the Beast scene. Not only does the show do a great job at recreating iconic characters in real life form, they do an even better job re-imagining those characters in the real world. Once is known for making their own rules and the characters’ outfits are no different. They may have been portrayed a certain way in the books, but in Storybrooke land, everything is fair game. Here are some of the most stylish characters to date.

Evil Queen

Regina Mills' business attire is great and all, but I think the Evil Queen's look is killer. Seriously, who wouldn't want to raid the gowns in her closet?

Snow White

As with Regina, I personally think Snow White's bandit princess look is far better than Mary Margaret's simple teacher outfits.


Seeing that Belle wore the same outfit in almost every portrayal of the Enchanted Forest, Belle's current look is both spunky and sophisticated.


Seriously, who didn't love this rocker Red Riding Hood look? She always managed to have little hints of red in her outfits, including a steak in her hair.

Emma Swan

Emma probably has the most laid back style of all, but she stays true to her trademark every time. A classic leather jacket says I'm the sheriff of this town for sure.

Bonus: Red Queen

OK, so even though she was only part of the spin-off series, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, you can't deny this girl had style.

Images: ABC