Every Outfit Rachel Ever Wore On 'Friends', Ranked From Best To Worst: Season 1

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It's widely accepted that Rachel was the best dressed friend on Friends. Not that she was up against tough competition. Between all Joey's turtlenecks, Ross's weird collection of pink shirts and leather jackets and Chandler's sweater vests, the boys didn't provide much competition. And while Phoebe looked great in her own special way, she wasn't really the fashion icon Rachel was. So that leaves only Monica, who tried, but never quite succeeded in being the clothes horse that Rachel was. And so, in an ode to Rachel, master of both at-home casual and cocktail chic, I'm ranking every single one of her outfits on Friends (that's right, EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT RACHEL EVER WORE, including all her Central Perk uniforms), starting with Season 1...

Image: NBC

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