Chrissy Teigen's Dark Hair Didn't Last Long

by Alexa Tucker

Well, that didn't last long. Just four days after revealing her stunning new dark hair on Instagram (where else?), Chrissy Teigen debuted blonde highlights to lighten up her deep brunette locks. Chrissy Teigen could shave her head and still be strikingly beautiful, but I have to admit, I don't think I was ready to give up her rich, luxurious brunette hue quite yet.

It's hard to tell if she lightened her base color from looking at her latest Instagram snap, but it's definitely clear that she's got bright highlights to give her hair more dimension. As gorgeous as I thought the dark shade was on her, I definitely understand how it feels to make a drastic color shift and want to go back. Looking in the mirror feels like looking at an entirely new person, and change is tough, even when it comes to hair.

If that is why she took her color closer to the shade it was before, it's proof that Chrissy really is just like us (except, you know, with strands that can withstand repeated color treatments and still look unbelievably silky.) In any case, I hope this isn't the last we see of the dark chocolate color on Chrissy's envy-inducing hair. Here's what her locks looked like four days ago...

...And here's what it looks like now.

Either way, she's crazy beautiful. Case closed.

Images: chrissyteigen/Instagram