Robyn Lawley Welcomes Her Baby Girl

by Stephanie Chon

If you follow supermodel Robyn Lawley on Instagram, then you’re probably used to seeing her #nofilters of delicious food, model pics, and the occasional hilarious meme about the struggles of pregnancy. But if you haven’t checked up on her super recently, then you might’ve missed the adorable snapshot of her holding a little human's hand, because yes: Robin Lawley gave birth to her baby girl last week. And the Instagram photo is so squeal-worthy.

Lawley and her partner Everest Schmidt became parents just last Thursday to a beautiful daughter. They decided to name her Ripley because she’s the “epitome of contented perfection.” What. The. Adorable?! Lawley didn’t even put a caption, which is perfect because this picture alone says everything already. I mean look at it...Ripley's fingers can barely wrap around mommy's! :')

Back in October, Lawley officially confirmed that she was pregnant. Before then, she told Fashionista that she realized she was pregnant when she noticed her appetite was completely gone — which she said never happens (same here, girl). And weirdly enough, it all went down during her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photoshoot.

Lawley's rep told Daily Mail Australia that "the new family are doing great, everyone is healthy, happy and looking forward to spending quiet time with their precious new little human." I think I can speak for everyone when I say I can’t wait to see more pics of the little cutie!

Image: RobynLawley1/Instagram