Lady Gaga Encourages Taylor Swift With Dating Advice That Seems Out Of Place, But It's Still A Beautiful Thought

Taylor Swift might have a long list of ex-lovers, but it's her long list of girlfriends that we're all currently concerning ourselves with. Mainly because, unlike her list of ex-lovers, her list of girlfriends seems to be ever-expanding. I mean, Swift has tried to befriend Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and, now, even Lady Gaga, because her multitudes of girl friends aren't enough. She's even befriended her fans, hunting them down at concerts and events after speaking to them via Tumblr, Instagram, or Twitter — because Swift is gunning for the crown of Friendliest Famous Human Being or something. However, on Monday, Lady Gaga encouraged Swift to get a boyfriend — well, sort of. The truth is, Lady Gaga was giving the 1989 singer words of encouragement, but some people misinterpreted her words as shade throwing.

Swift's original tweet had named Lady Gaga as her idol for life goals, since the "Paparazzi" singer seemed to be, in Swift's own words, "fully LIVING right now." It was a clear and obvious ploy to build the bridge of friendship between the two singers — see what I said about Swift's ever-expanding list of girlfriends — but Lady Gaga responded with a tweet that showed quite a lack of understanding of the way Swift is living her life right now.

There's nothing wrong with the tweet, as far as I'm concerned. Lady Gaga probably compared herself to Swift and found no difference between the two of them than the fact that she is engaged and Swift is not. They're both wildly popular, they both produce pop music, they're both between albums, and they both have their outfits constantly written up in the papers. They're even both blondes (kind of). The only thing Lady Gaga has that Swift doesn't is a special man in her life, hence her promise that Swift would find her own prince charming one day.

However, the tweet failed to understand that Swift has been very outspoken on the subject of her choice to remain single, spoken candidly about the fact that she thought she would be single for a very long time, and been incredibly vocal about the inherent sexism in denouncing her as a serial dater or her music as man-eating fluff. Telling someone like Swift that someday her prince will come kind of goes against all that, hence why some interpret Lady Gaga's tweet as insulting.


As fun as it would be to have a new celebrity feud on our hands in the wake of Swift's abject refusal to ever talk about Katy Perry of "Bad Blood" fame (okay, and of her own independent musical fame, but most Swifties identify her as that pop star "Bad Blood" is about), kicking up imaginary feuds between two strong female celebrities is both wrong and sexist. It's sweet that Lady Gaga and Swift are sending love each other's way over social media, so we can see for ourselves that the strong women we look up to are also encouraging one another.

Lady Gaga wasn't trying to snidely tear Swift down; she was simply telling her that whenever she decided she wanted to dip her toes back into the dating world — if she ever decided that — she would find someone as right for her as Taylor Kinney is for Lady Gaga. And that's a really sweet sentiment. Hopefully, we'll be seeing pictures of Lady Gaga flooding Swift's Instagram feed soon enough as these two pop stars become the latest celeb friendship giving us serious FOMO.

Image: Getty Images