Benedict's Tahitian Vacation Looks So Nice

With their romantic wedding on Valentine's Day, I assumed the happily married couple had a romantic vacation planned for right after too. So did Benedict Cumberbatch have a honeymoon? Yes he did, in the idyllic Tahitian island of Bora Bora. Sophie Hunter and Cumberbatch couldn't leave right away for their tropical trip, as they had to attend the Oscars first. But after the awards ceremony they jetted to Bora Bora to enjoy the sunshine. (And you know that place is romantic because The Bachelorette once filmed the finale there.)

An eyewitness reports that Cumberbatch and Hunter couldn't have looked any happier. "Benedict looked so excited to be there and was snapping pictures with his camera," the source said, according to E! News. "They were given pineapple-infused water and beautiful flower leis that they immediately put around their necks and smelled the fresh flowers."

The duo really got into the island spirit, spending days relaxing in their waterside bungalow. The source dished on their nice, quiet time together.

They lounged around on their deck everyday and went swimming in the clear water. They had breakfast on the deck in the morning and it lasted for hours. Then they napped on side by side on their chaise lounges ... They really seemed in love and like perfect partners. He was doting on her and rubbing her back and her pregnant belly. She was making sure he had sunscreen on and always re-applying it on his back. They had a lot of time alone and really enjoyed the slow pace of life and not having to do much.

Not that the honeymoon Jimmy Kimmel threw for the actor wasn't great. But I'm betting Cumberbatch preferred the waterside version with his actual wife much more.

It's really great to see Cumberbatch be so in love, and also to get a little down time. I'm a little jealous that he got to get out of the cold and go to an island for 10 days, but I'm also really happy for him. He's been busy this year with all the awards show buzz for The Imitation Game, flying back and forth from LA to England constantly. I'm glad he finally got the chance to relax a bit with his wife, and enjoy being married before the baby comes.

Images: cumberbatchlives/Tumblr (2)