Will Henry Allen Get Out Of Jail On 'The Flash'? His Release Is Becoming More & More Likely

It might be weird that sometimes The Flash makes me cry, but hey, why not be honest about it? It usually happens whenever Barry Allen has some heartfelt moment with his incarcerated father, Henry. You know how hard it is to convey real and true heartfelt emotion when both characters are on different sides of a dividing glass? It's really difficult, and these two nail it every single time. Now with this newly found information about the night Nora Allen was murdered, I think there's a real chance that Henry might be released from jail on The Flash after all these years. We might want to start preparing ourselves for even more Allen family-induced waterworks.

Henry was convicted of Nora's murder way back when, and has been in jail ever since. Barry has been trying to prove his father's innocence all these years, and he's now at the point where he's actually pretty close to doing it. However in the process, he might accidentally incriminate himself. Remember all that blood that Cisco found on the walls in the old Allen house? While I know nothing about law and prosecuting crimes, I feel like that's enough evidence to be presented to free Henry from his life behind bars. Isn't that the breakthrough Barry has been looking for all these years?

The only problem, though, is that it's Barry's blood on the wall, and as Cisco pointed out, it's adult Barry's blood. You know, all that time travel stuff. In trying to free his father, Barry might accidentally incriminate himself. Would there ever be a situation where the two would swap places — leaving Henry free, and Barry behind bars?

Knowing Barry, he'd do that in a heartbeat. Knowing Henry, he'd fight that swap with his whole being. It's probably unlikely that Barry would wind up in prison — and not be, "mysteriously rescued by the Flash!" — but it could happen. The love between these two guys is so strong, they'd probably do anything for each other, including going to jail.

But let's not think of the worst that could happen in this situation, with Barry in jail for his mother's murder. Let's think of happier things, like Henry being released. Henry's always had a relationship with Joe West, and right now it is especially strong, if only because Joe is very suspicious of one Mr. Harrison Wells. He knows Henry didn't kill Nora, and now they just have to prove it to everyone else.

All of this hard work might seriously pay off. Joe might actually be able to make a case with the newly discovered evidence of Nora's murder to free Henry from jail once and for all. Hasn't that been the plan all along? Besides, John Wesley Shipp is such a huge part of the Flash universe, even behind bars, it'd be a shame to keep him there forever. He needs to be back with Barry, and we need the most epic father and son reunion ever, leading to the most tears The Flash has ever caused.

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