Cher Slams Piers Morgan For His Ageist & Sexist Comments On Twitter, Proving She Is A Timeless Icon

When I think of Cher a few things come to mind: turning back time, "Snap out of it," headdresses, Mermaids, the fact that she will be the Earth's supreme ruler after the apocalypse, and, last but not least... fishnets. However, there is one curmudgeon out there who started a Twitter feud last night over a woman's right to webbed stockings. That stuck-in-the-mud grump is naturally Piers Morgan. The former CNN host started his night first by shaming Madonna, complaining that the high priestess of pop doesn't wear enough clothes. Then one of Cher's fans chimed in, so Morgan decided to also lash out against her clothing, age, and body. Apparently, Morgan is the new Fashion Police. Who knew?

Cher, not one to ever apologize for her outlandish (and fabulous) wardrobe, retorted, "If Piers doesn’t want to see fishnets, on an old diva’s legs... He shouldn’t wear them!!" OHHH BURN! Obviously that got under Morgan's skin, and he continued to call Cher out for her age and what she chooses to wear. Perez Hilton even got in on the fight and came to Cher's defense, calling Morgan out for his ageism and sexism.

This isn't the first time Cher has had to respond to these sorts of criticisms. Despite the fact she's been touring and recording successfully in recent years, her work still gets questioned along with her age. The world keeps trying to censor Cher, and it only makes the timeless diva push harder. In her own words, "I don't intend to step aside. This is the first generation that's said, 'We're not going to roll over and play dead because we're a certain age.'" Yes Cher, yes.

See how Cher totally put Morgan in his place:

Oh, Piers Morgan, that 68-year-old in fishnets just made a total fool of you.