Ariana Grande's "Adore" Lyrics Are Sweet & Will Absolutely Prompt These GIF Reactions — PHOTOS


If any Arianators out there got off to a rough start this week, then Ariana Grande’s new song “Adore” with Cashmere Cat should definitely get things back on track. Musically, parts of "Adore" are vaguely reminiscent of Grande's Mac Miller-assisted song "The Way," which isn't a bad thing here. The chorus borrows from R&B singer Johnny Gill’s “My, My, My” hit song from the '90s, and features the typical vocal awesomeness we've come to expect from Grande as she delivers her signature breathy, sultry (and sometimes unintelligible) lyrics over a mid-tempo beat from Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat. Thankfully though, she cleared up some of the lyrical confusion by dropping a few lines from the song on Twitter, which definitely helped me out when it came to breaking down the song (and not making lyrical mistakes like these).

One could easily surmise what the song's about from the title alone, but since that would be absolutely no fun and prompt you to skip over an Ariana Grande song (which must NEVER happen), here’s the deal: She's basically singing about being completely smitten with this guy and can't wait to get him all alone, and well — you know the rest. Anyway, here's a portion of the lyrics from "Adore," accompanied by a few appropriate reactions to Grande’s musical love letter:

*Remember those unintelligible lyrics I referenced? That happens here.

Listen to "Adore" in its entirety below:

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