Your Guide For What To Wear To Coachella 2015

If you're wondering what to wear to Coachella this year, don't worry too much. The short answer is you can wear basically whatever the hell you want. I like to look at any multi-day music festival as a mini weekend in New York City: You can rest assured that there will be someone dressed in something more skimpy and more wild than you, and you can always count on someone looking way more stylish than you, no matter how hard you try. These are all good things, because unlike your normal nights out, you can throw caution to the wind and test out that outfit that's been hanging in the back of your closet waiting for your confidence to grow.

If you're looking for something more than a bikini top in your fashion choices, there are, of course, some suggestions to keep you occupied while you wait in anticipation for showtime. First off, let's talk weather shall we? Although it may be too soon to make weather forecasts for Coachella, it's safe to say you'll have warm days, but you may have some chilly nights. Make sure your cardigan game is tight for breezy nights and you have a trusty sunscreen for dancing in sunlight. The last thing you want is a chill through your spine or sun damage to ruin an otherwise good time. Most importantly, dress to impress yourself in the many Instagram photos you'll be snapping during Coachella.

Karl Walter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Following my own personal rules for what to wear to a festival or concert, I'm about layers, comfort, minimal accessories, and looking stylish. No one wants their fashion to get in the way of their passion for music OR parties. These five looks should inspire you to get a head start on that packing list.

1. The "Belle in Black" Look

When in doubt, a pair of high-wasted, black leggings and a black crop top will keep anyone looking stylish and feeling comfortable. I'm sort of all about leggings-as-pants, but especially for concerts: They give you movement and they make your butt look cute. Getting too hot? Take that denim jacket and tie it around your neck or waist, '90s style.

2. The "Lilith Fair, Don't Care" Look

Speaking of the '90s, nothing says "I've been to a festival or two in my day" like denim shorts, Doc Martin's, and an oversized flannel. I love this look because 1. It's literally what I dreamed I would wear to Lilith Fair circa '97 and 2. It has layers to support dancing, walking, and flirting. If the day is already off to a breezy start? Put on some tights (preferably ripped) and stuff them in your backpack if you warm up.

3. The "Homies Stay Warm" Look

OK, don't be scared by the longer sleeves on this frankly amazing dress. A long-sleeved, loose dress is a great addition in your suitcase for those unpredictable days of overcast or chilly weather. You can still dance, you can still run around, and you'll still look fly in your "Homies" beanie. If you know you are about to turn up with the dance moves you've been practicing, ditch the optional leggings so you don't get too hot.

4. The "Childhood Throwback" Look

These high-wasted overalls go perfectly with any crop top and high-top sneaker. You'll look cute while still not having people question if you're legally allowed to consume alcohol, because unlike OshKosh B'Gosh, these overalls are all grown up. Think of this look as "Punkie Brewster, the College Years".

5. The "Coachella Boheme" Look

A pair of breezy, funky-patterned, pants and a matching funky necklaces is a fun look for Coachella and a great preview for springtime apparel. This look is super cute, but keep that jacket handy, because these pants are breezy — and obviously that tiny crop top is just there for aesthetics. Image: Thomas Hawk , Thomas Hawk/Flickr, Polyvore