'Community' Season 6 Trailer Tells Us A Lot About The Show's First Season On Yahoo! — VIDEO

The Internet's always had a special relationship with Dan Harmon's quirky, brilliant Community. That relationship's official now, though, ever since NBC cancelled the series in 2014 and Yahoo! stepped in to bring the show into its fated sixth season (and possibly a movie). Now we've got our first real glimpse into what this show will be looking like on Yahoo!: The Community season 6 trailer is here, so let's see what's in store for Greendale these days.

Harmon — the sitcom auteur who made Community the cult favorite it was (and who was fired for season 4 of the series' run on NBC before network brass realized their massive mistake) — is sticking around to helm the show presumably from hereon out, so there's no mistaking that what we're seeing is his vision. So what is that vision, exactly? Well, the entire trailer takes the form of an Avengers trailer, though sans the creepy Pinocchio song the Age Of Ultron trailers keep touting. It also promises to keep Greendale as weird as it ever was — that's long been Community's thing, after all.

Things will undoubtedly be a little different now that the show no longer lives under the thumb of major network television. It's both a grand experiment — Yahoo's never made a TV show before — and a sort of homecoming, considering that Community's fandom has long been made up of Internet dwellers.

Here's what else is presented to us:

Prisoners Are Coming to Greendale

Well, kind of. They're pretty much walking iPads, but they're there, and they are students.

There Are Cracks About Diversity

The past two seasons have seen this show lose both of its major black cast members — Yvette Nicole Brown's Shirley and Donald Glover's Troy. That was hardly the show making some kind of diversity statement (both actors left because of personal decisions), but it's clear they'd like you to know they've noticed what it's done to their cast. As one new (black) cast member notes, "I have a brain the size of Jupiter, I'm nobody's fourth ghostbuster."

More Cast Turnover

We knew about this one already: This season the show shed Brown's Shirley, one of its original cast members (the actress left to care for her sick father). Stepping into her place will be a possible villain/possible friend in the form of a teacher.

It's Just As Fantastical As Always

There're some interesting costumes and some space...something going on.

The Chang Puns Are Going Nowhere

Nothing has chang-ed.

The series premieres on Yahoo! on March 17, and you can watch the trailer below:

Images: Yahoo!