Jeremy Hangs Up His Army Fatigues for 'The Voice'

by Jessica Molinari

The Voice has seen contestants from all different careers — students, street performers, prison workers, etc. — but they rarely ever get an artist from the armed forces. Well, the time has finally come for a Staff Sergeant to hang up his fatigues to pursue a career in music. West Point Band lead vocalist Staff Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor charmed the judges with a sexy R&B serenade and earned himself the coveted four-chair turn. He made a shocking choice by joining Team Christina, but there's no doubt he will make it far no matter what team he's on. Gaynor has both the talent and the determination to win this thing, and his journey is sure to be amazing.

Gaynor's experience is nothing like any other musicians. After a failed attempt at a career in music, Gaynor's uncle suggested he join the Army. Coming from an army family, this was an obvious career choice. But the Staff Sergeant didn't pursue a typical career in the Army — he put his music skills to good use by joining the West Point Band. Though it may not seem like it, this job move was the best Gaynor could make for his career. The 30-year-old is required to sing every type of music as the band's lead vocalist. Being able to say "I can sing everything" is pretty cool and will take Gaynor far in this game.

I'm really interested to watch Gaynor's journey with Aguilera. She typically pairs with young girls with powerhouse belts — and there's nothing about a man in Army fatigues that screams "Genie In A Bottle." Yes, Gaynor can sing anything, but I don't think girl-power pop songs are really his forte. Aguilera will definitely do whatever she can to fine-tune Gaynor's talent, but it's questionable if she can launch his career as much as Adam Levine or Pharrell could. Chances are she'll get him through the battle rounds, only to choose a female pop vocalist over him. The only good part? Gaynor will be scooped up by a much more fitting coach and continue on for a long time in this competition.

Image: YouTube - West Point Band