What To Pack For Spring Break, No Matter Where Your Amazing Travels Take You

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That wonderful time of year is finally here when you're afforded a brief glimmer of happiness in the form of a well-deserved break from school. After months of stressing through winter finals and freezing cold weather, it's time to start packing for spring break. This is basically the week (or two if you're lucky) that acts as the glue that keeps your sanity intact. #springbreakweloveyou

Besides being necessary to your mental well-being, spring break is also the perfect time to head out somewhere for a mini vacation. Whether you choose to stay close by or head somewhere far away, hit up the beach or explore the big city, spring break means getting out there and enjoying yourself in a different place.

Each vacation destination comes with its own unique bit of fun — and a packing list full of specific necessities to help you make the most of your trip. So because I want you to have the absolute best spring break ever, I've put together a fail safe guide to make sure you bring everything you need for a surefire good time. From the mountains to the lake to the beach, I've got you covered in the packing department so you'll have everything you need to have the best spring break ever.

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